Published: June 18, 2020

A car ride is one of the best times to enjoy your favourite music. That’s why it is so important to have quality audio equipment that you can depend on in your car. Fortunately, today there is a wide-range of quality car speakers available on the market at affordable prices. It is much easier to buy a quality system these days, without braking the bank, than it was years ago.

However, choosing the correct system that suits your needs is not always an easy task, as it requires possessing at least a little technical knowledge. It is also important that you are very clear on what type of system you want to install, and what functions you expect it to be able to perform. That’s why we have put together a comprehensive shopping guide, that will help you with everything you need to know, so you can choose the product that is right for you.

Key Facts

  • Car speakers are designed to use either one, two or three channels. A single channel system uses speakers called drivers which are designed for mid-range frequencies. A dual channel system uses a woofer for low frequencies with tweeters which are designed for high-range frequencies. A three channel system uses all three types of speakers.
  • If your aim is to achieve the highest quality audio possible, you should dedicate the entirety of your budget to improving the speakers in the front of your car, and of course its amplification system. This is a better idea than forking out for an extra set of lower quality speakers for the rear.
  • When choosing car speakers, one of the most important factors you should keep in mind is the assembly and installation process. In general, it is recommended that you go for equipment that uses a standardised installation system. This way, you won’t have to reattach the connectors.

Ranking: The best car speakers on the Australian market

Here we present you with a list of the five best car speakers available right now on the market. We have included a wide-range of options of different products, from the best brands, that offer great value for money.

No. 1: Kenwood KFC-C5795PS 5×7″ 3-Way Car Speakers

The speakers can handle 360 watts of MAX power and 80 watts of RMS power. They feature a 1-3/16″ paper cone with a 1/2″ ceramic tweeter. Also, the steel black basket reduces noise cancellation to help you achieve superior sound. The Kenwood KFC-C5795PS makes for a great option when upgrading from your factory speakers.

This speakers are moderately priced and have great reviews from buyers. They are easy to install and offer clean, crisp audio. Kenwood is a great brand, so you know you are getting a quality product.

No. 2: JBL GTO 609C Car Speakers

JBL engineers designed the GTO 609C component speaker to produce a strong, clear sound from a head-unit capable of delivering up to 270 watts of power. This makes the GTO 609C an ideal match to systems powered with factory-amplifier power levels. Its great power-handling specifications also increase reliability over the lifetime of the speaker.

These are the most popular speakers on our list. Users comment about the superior audio quality that JBL deliver, without a hefty price tag. They are easy to install and work perfectly as part of a one, two or three channel system.

No. 3: Boss Chaos Exxtreme 6.5″ 2-Way Speaker System

Just one look and you’ll know why they’re called Chaos Exxtreme. The red metallic poly injection cone delivers clear sound, while the rubber edge provides smooth response and durability. Only slightly more expensive than the two previous models on our list, these speakers are made with polyurethane. It is a resilient, flexible and a durable manufactured material that allows for maximum flexibility and produces great sounding speakers lasting you a long time.

Great reviews from buyers of this slick product from Boss. They are a durable speakers, made from top quality materials. The only negative feedback about these speakers is from people using them in a multichannel system. However, if you’re only looking to run a single channel system, these are a fantastic option.

No. 4: Boss RAGE 225 Watt 5.25” 4-Way Speakers

Light-up your ride with new Boss RAGE series speakers. The RAGE series line-up features a blue LED-illuminated cone design that is sure to add that ‘just-right’ custom look to any system. This is the cheapest option on our list and the blue LEDs are definitely a cool extra. Despite the very low price, they still deliver superior audio quality to factory speakers.

Positive feedback from buyers of this product who are amazed by the quality of audio produced, especially for such a low price. However, keep in mind that these speakers are the least powerful on our list. Like the Chaos Exxtreme, they should only be used in a single channel system.

No. 5: Infinity PR6500CS Primus 6 1/2″ Car Speakers

The Infinity PR6500CS Primus 6 1/2″ component speaker system is the most expensive option on our list, but still delivers great value for money. If your budget can afford it, these speakers will deliver the best audio quality of all the options on our list.

Excellent feedback from buyers who describe the audio quality as perfect. High quality parts are used for great build quality. Easy to assemble and perfect for a single, double or three channel system, these speakers will deliver amazing audio even when still using the factory head unit.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about car speakers

When you are purchasing speakers for your car, it is vital that you keep several important factors in mind. These days there is a wide-range of models of car speakers on the market. This is why choosing the ones that are right for you is not always an easy task. In the following guide we answer the most frequently asked questions people have when buying new speakers for their car.

Sound in car

It is important that you correctly install the speakers of your car and that the power supply is adequate to prevent damage. (Source: Asawin Klabma: 73815907/

What are car speakers exactly?

Speakers are electroacoustic transducers. This means that they convert electrical energy into acoustic energy. They do this by converting electrical signals into sound waves. Car speakers, as their name suggests, are specially designed to be installed in automobiles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car speakers?

Who would doubt that having great quality speakers installed in their car would be anything other than a series of advantages? You can enjoy a better quality of sound, while listening to your favourite music wherever you go. The only disadvantages are the financial outlay that will come with making this investment, and making sure you buy equipment that will deliver the result you are hoping for.

  • It allows you to enjoy a better quality of sound
  • There are lots of designs to perfectly suit to the style of your vehicle
  • Will involve an economic investment, which can be higher if you opt for a high-end system

Is it worth buying car speakers?

If you want to enjoy much better sound quality, then without doubt, it is definitely worth buying new speakers for your car. This is especially the case in older vehicles equipped with systems that perform poorly. In general, all factory installed car speakers are not of especially great quality. This is why upgrading is always a worthwhile investment.

What kind of car speakers are available on the market?

There are two main types of car speakers available on the market: coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers are the more commonly used system, and are much more practical. Component speakers use independent circuits to deliver an excellent quality of sound.

Coaxial speakers Component speakers
Speaker distribution specifications It is comprised of a principal speaker and various secondary speakers. Each speaker functions independently in practical terms.
Quality of sound Provides a decent quality of sound. Provides a superior sound quality that is much more intense.

Is it worth replacing the head unit as well as the speakers in my car?

This is a rather complicated question, especially these days, as most multimedia features in new cars are now integrated into the console. In general, these factory head units do not offer particularly great sound quality. Clearly there are exceptions to this rule, such as the high-end, integrated systems offered by some car manufactures.

In this case, the head unit will definitely offer an acceptable sound quality. However, if you really want to get the best possible audio quality out of high-end speakers, you have no other option than to change the head unit as well.

Dieter ZetschePresident of Daimler
“In the future, the car brings access to the single most important luxury goods of the 21st century: private space and quality time”.

What is the RMS power of car speakers?

In general, when talking about the power of car speakers there is a difference between the maximum power output and the nominal power or RMS (Root Mean Square). The RMS measures the power level at which the speakers can function without any deterioration of sound quality, or the risk of the equipment becoming damaged.

The maximum power output is the maximum level at which the speaker can function under optimal conditions. It is calculated in intervals of 10 milliseconds. In practical terms, it is a figure that provides no relevant information, but this doesn’t stop lots of manufacturers from using it to market their speakers.

Is it better to only replace the car speakers in the front of my car?

If you really want to go for the best possible sound quality in your car, you really should invest your whole budget in speakers for the front of your car, and the amplifier that will power them. If you’re not so worried about this and you just want to get more power, then you should instead take the option of upgrading all the speakers in your car.

High powered speakers

Take into account the size of the original speakers in your car before you buy new ones to replace them.
(Source: Cla78: 72267592/

What do I need to be careful of when replacing the speakers in my car?

As with any electronic device, car speakers need to be used with some care. To begin with, it is vitally important that they are correctly installed and that the power supply is sufficient to avoid any damage. Another thing to remember is to always maintain your speakers and keep them nice and clean.

You can clean them with a vacuum cleaner, a cordless one is ideal for the job. The best way to do this is by placing the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner in front of the surface of the speaker to remove all the dust. Otherwise, if it stays stuck to the speaker cone it can interfere with the emission of the sound. By following these little tips you can prolong the life of your sound system.

Shopping Criteria

The time has come for you to buy some new speakers for your car, so it is important that you consider a few key factors when making your purchase. To help you to make your choice, we take a detailed look at the most important things that you need to know. Our shopping guide will make sure that you get the best value for money and buy the model that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Power
  • Impedance
  • Range of frequencies
  • Number of channels
  • Assembly and installation
  • Brand


Power is measured in watts and indicates the ability of a device to generate sound. In the case of car speakers, power is distributed in various channels. Therefore, it is vital when checking the specifications of the equipment you want to buy, that you check if the indicated power refers to the whole system, or to each of the individual channels.

An average power range is around 30W per channel, while a more elevated range is over 50W per channel. In any case, don’t fall for the trap of thinking that more power equals better sound quality. Obviously the amount of power can influence the quality of the sound, but it is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind.

Speakers in the car

It is important that you choose speakers that support the power output of the head unit.
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Impedance measures the effective resistance of current flow. Its value varies according to the frequency being used by the unit. The nominal value of the impedance used by manufacturers is most often set to a frequency of 1 kHz and usually at 4, 6 or 8 ohms.

When choosing new speakers for your car, you need to make sure that you buy ones that have an impedance that supports the minimum rating needed for the audio source, or the amplifier, which it is going to work with. This way the signal will be much stronger. Keep in mind that a higher the value of impedance in ohms, equals a less powerful output from the speakers.

Range of frequencies

The range of frequencies indicates the maximum and minimum supported by the speakers. It is important to know that the human ear is only capable of hearing sound waves within frequencies between 18 or 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Therefore it’s in your best interest to choose speakers that function in a frequency range as close as possible to these values.

Cables are an important thing to think about when installing a sound system.

Number of channels

By using specially designed fibres, a speaker is able to distribute sound waves of low, high and medium frequencies to different types of speakers. Woofers are used for low frequencies, drivers are used for mid-range frequencies and tweeters are used for higher frequencies.

Today you can find single, dual and three channel systems. A system which uses a specialised speaker for each individual frequency range is a three channel system. Single channel systems rely on the use of a single type of speaker called a driver, while dual systems are usually comprised of a woofer and a tweeter.

Assembly and installation

Ultimately, the type of car you own will be the biggest factor in determining how easy or complicated the installation process will be. If it is quite old, you may possibly be required to make a few modifications. If you want the installation to be as easy as possible, you should consider buying a product that comes with all the necessary cables and parts for the assembly.

Design of a speaker

If you want to enjoy a high-end speaker system, you really have no other choice than to also change the head unit.
(Source: Alefat: 96859837/


There are many different manufacturers of sound equipment for automobiles. However, they don’t all offer the same levels of quality. Therefore, it is important that when you make your choice, you choose a reliable brand. This way you will not only be sure to get a high quality product, you can also rely on great customer service.

Some of the more trusted brands are: Auna, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Sony and JBL. Auna is a German brand which aims to offer quality products at a reasonable price. Pioneer is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of electronics. JBL is an American brand that specialises in audio products.


The experience of enjoying your favourite music on a high quality audio system while on road trips is a feeling that is difficult to forget. Fortunately, it is possible to buy great quality speakers for your car these days, without spending a huge amount of money.

Although, it’s not always easy to choose the equipment that is right for you. To make the best choice you should keep in mind the power output rating, the impedance and how easy the installation is likely to be. Obviously it is important not to overlook the brand, the best option is to go with one that has a good track record in the development of car speakers.

Lastly, if you have found this guide to be helpful in making your choice, you can leave us a comment below or share it with your friends on social media.

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