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Published: June 19, 2020

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Today’s technology market is strongly driven by trends. This is further emphasised by the key role played by image in our society. Beats headphones happen to seamlessly combine quality and an attractive design. It is that very design, together with top-notch marketing campaigns, that is responsible for their incredible popularity.

Choosing the right Beats product isn’t actually as easy as it seems, because opting for your favourite design isn’t the only thing that matters. Considering numerous models are now available on the Australian market, there are many more factors that you’ll have to take into account. We’ve designed this comprehensive guide to help you in your search for the best Beats headphones.

Key Facts

  • Beats headphones are characterised by their bass-boosting abilities.
  • Beats products offer you style and technology, which is one of the reasons why their price tend to be steeper than similar headphones from other brands.
  • In 2014, Apple acquired the Beats brand, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre therefore integrating the American technology company.

Ranking: The best Beats headphones on the Australian market

The following section is our very own top 5 of the best Beats products that you’ll find on the Australian market right now. We’ve focused on models offering different features, while also taking into account the value for money.

No. 1: Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

The Studio Wireless are the very first set of headphones released by Beats by Dre upon its launch in 2008, and it remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry. This authentic trend-setter features Bluetooth technology with a range of up to 10 metres so you can easily use it at home without worrying about where you left your phone.

The noise cancelling (ANC) technology has two modes so that you can best adapt to your needs, whether at home or on the move. This model is no less than Amazon’s Choice in the category, and past customers have praised its value for money. With 12 hours of battery and a built-in microphone to answer your calls, you’ll never be leaving without it.

No. 2: BeatsX Wireless Earphones

The BeatsX Wireless offer great performance and are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an in-ear headset from Beats With up to 8 hours of autonomy through their Class 1 Bluetooth connection, they also feature the Fast Fuel system, with which you’ll get two extra hours of battery with a quick 5-minute charge.

The Flex-Form cable is particularly comfortable to slip in your pocket or leave around your neck. The magnetic earbuds are a very practical feature so that they’re not tangling all over the place. The RemoteTalk technology lets you take your calls with the built-in microphone; its compatibility with Siri means you can also get work done in a hurry.

No. 3: Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

This is Beats’ high-end wireless headphones, and they’ll be your product of choice if you’re looking for the best of the best. Their elegant and careful design is very distinctive, and this model allows you to enjoy top audio quality with great bass capabilities. These headphones combine real-time audio calibration and Adaptive Noise Canceling technology.

The Class 1 Bluetooth connection offers 22 hours of autonomy with ANC activated, and an incredible 44 hours if you turn it off. The Fast Fuel system is naturally integrated: ten minutes of charge will provide up to three hours of music. The downside is that so many features mean a steeper price, and this may make the Studio3 a no-go for some. This product comes with a 12-month warranty.

No. 4: Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

The Powerbeats3 Wireless are another model of earphones, but its features are slightly different from the BeatsX. They are designed for athletes and active people, and their adjustable earhooks will let you grind at it for hours without worrying about them falling off. They are also sweat and water resistant.

The Siri-compatible RemoteTalk functionalities let you make and receive calls on the go, as well as adjust the volume and switch songs during training. With up to 12 hours of autonomy, these earphones also feature the Fast Fuel technology so that you never leave without battery. 12-month warranty included.

No. 5: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones combine a clear, smooth sound and a sleek, rugged design. Their long-range Bluetooth connection gives you greater freedom of movement. The battery also offers a maximum battery life of 40 hours, so you’ll be using these headphones for days without charging them.

The Fast Fuel system allows you to get three hours of battery with only five minutes of charge. These headphones also come with a 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable so that you can easily make calls with your favourite headphones. Available in 15 different colour sets, you’re sure to find the one that will best match your favourite outfits.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about Beats headphones

There are various key factors that you’ll want to consider before opting for specific headphones. As you’ve seen from our ranking, Beats offers different models, each designed with its own purpose. This is why the following section answers all the most frequently asked questions by past buyers.

Beats headphones offer the best sound quality for all your music needs. (Source: Guillem: 37189541/

What exactly are Beats headphones?

In general, headphones are mere electronic devices that transform an electrical signal into a sound signal, which can then be listened to through speakers placed on your ears. Beats headphones were designed by the prestigious brand Beats by Dr. Dre, the famous NWA rapper and music producer.

As we briefly mentioned before, a key feature for Beats headphones is that they are conceived to strongly emphasise on the bass. Another fundamental aspect that has played a huge role in their success is their elegant and attractive design. You will find different models offering various features and distinct colours.

Eddy CueApple’s Senior Vice-president of Internet Software and Services
“Music is and will always be an important part of Apple DNA.”

How were Beats headphones born?

Now owned by American giant Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) was founded in 2008 by hip-hop musician and producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Jimmy Iovine, president of Interscope-Geffen-A&M. From the very beginning, the goal was to focus on the market for high-end headphones.

The marketing strategy of the different Beats products has always been based on the collaboration with famous musicians and personalities. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner or Lebron James have endorsed Beats headphones, with the basketball player even investing in the company. The company was such a success that in 2014 – only 6 years after its creation – Apple acquired Beats to position itself on the headphones market, for a record US$3 billion.

The wide range of Beats headphones means they come in all colours, designs and sizes. (Source: Zotovic: 98563996/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Beats headphones?

One of the greatest advantages of Beats products is undeniably their attractive design. The downside to this is that the price is steeper than a model with similar characteristics from another brand. As we said, you’re paying for technology and image at the same time.

Advantages Disadvantages
The design is very appealing. You’ll be right in the trend with your Beats headphones. They are more expensive than other headphones with similar features.
Many models are available, each tailored to a specific type of audience. Some say that they colour the sound by amplifying the bass frequencies.
They are backed by Apple, which guarantees quality.

Are Beats headphones worth it?

It’s a definite yes if you’re a design enthusiast and really care about the image you let out into the world. These products also naturally offer an incredible audio quality. On the other hand, we wouldn’t recommend Beats if you’re looking for more affordable headphones. We’ll let you decide!

For whom are Beats headphones recommended?

Due to the bass amplifier, they are the ideal choice for all rap and hip-hop lovers. And we can’t emphasise enough on the fact that they are the absolute industry leader if you’re looking for elegance in design. The popularity of the brand is also due to the fact that they offer top quality, and are now owned by a prestigious tech company like Apple.

Beats headphones have been all the craze in recent years.(Source: Welcomia: 66143098/

What kind of Beats headphones are available out there?

Different criteria can be used to classify headphones. You could sort them by the type of connection they offer, or simply by the quality of their sound. However, the most common way is to evaluate their shape or design.

We generally identify the four following types: earbuds, in-ear monitors, supra-aural headphones or circumaural headphones. In the table below, we’ve summed up the main feature of each model, which also including Beats products that fit in each category.

Placement Size Sound quality Beats
Earbuds They are placed in the ears. They are small. The sound quality isn’t that great. This kind of model is not available.
In-ear monitors They are placed inside the ears, with a design allowing them to be inserted directly into the ear canal. They are also very small. They can isolate outside noise quite well. UrBeats 3, Beats PowerBeats 3 Wireless and Beats X.
Supra-aural headphones They are placed over the ear. They are usually worn over the head and are larger in size. They provide very good sound quality. Beats Solo 3 Wireless and Beats EP.
Circumaural headphones They cover the whole ear, perfectly isolating from external noise. They are the largest. They provide top sound quality. Beats Pro and Beats Studio 3 Wireless.

Shopping Criteria

You’ll have take several factors into account before buying your very own Beats headphones. We’ve designed the following section to provide you with information on these key aspects. We’re sure that it will be very helpful in your quest for the ultimate headphones!

Sound quality

Let’s be honest: testing headphones is the best way to check their quality. Unfortunately, you’re not always in a position to do that, in which case your best bet will be to check the technical specifications of the model you’re interested in. You’ll want to particularly focus on impedance (ohm), sensitivity (dB) and frequency range (Hz).

We recommend going for a frequency range between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, or as close to this as possible. When dealing with impedance, lower values are better; 16 to 60 ohm is a good range. On the other hand, a 3 dB increase in sensitivity will halve the power needed to reach any given volume.

Dr. DreBeats Founder
“It hears what the artists hear, and it listens to the music the way they should, the way I listen to it.”

Personal use

The way in which you use your headphones will also play a role in the model you’ll choose to buy. For instance, Beats Powerbeats3 will be your go-to option if you plan on using them while playing sports. On the other hand, the Beats Studio Wireless are perfect when you want to look good with your favourite outfit.

The Beats Urbeats3 present an incredibly ergonomic design, and we strongly recommend them for intensive use. In case you travel frequently or don’t necessarily have that much time to charge batteries, you might want to consider buy-in red models. This will save you the trouble of running out of battery, and therefore music.

The design of Beats headphones is modern and innovative. (Source: Welcomia: 42087332/


Bluetooth is generally used to connect wireless model, but that’s not all you need to know. The Bluetooth specs they use is something you should be aware of so that you’re sure it fits with your devices. The latest version is the 5.1, and it naturally provides the very best features.

On the other hand, wired cables are connected via the very famous 3.5 mm minijack input. The advantage of this standard type of connection is the you’re in for a more stable sound quality, guaranteed without cuts or signal interference. The downside is that you lose the comfort of wireless technology, and you’ll be dealing with cables tangling at the worst possible times.

Design, weight and size

You clearly know by now that design is one of the main features of Beats products, and this all comes down to the image you want to portray. Regarding the ear pads, there are different styles available: in-ear models are button-shaped, while supra-aural headphones cover your ears and are placed over your head.

As we mentioned earlier, circumaural headphones are the largest available models, and are naturally the ones that will provide you with the greatest possible sound experience. Ultimately, design, weight and size aren’t just a matter of taste; they also have a major influence on key aspects such as portability, sound fidelity and aesthetics.

Battery autonomy

This factor is only relevant if you opt for Bluetooth-connect headphones, in which case it is actually essential. Besides Thea actual autonomy, you’ll want to know more about the charging time and the useful life of the battery. Having the best sound quality won’t mean much if your headphones keep dying right in the middle of your favourite song.

In that regard, there’s one feature you should be on the lookout for: Fast Fuel. This charging system allows you to extend your headphones’ battery with a quick charge of only five to ten minutes. We trust you’ll thank us later for that, especially when you’re stuck on a long plane or train journey and have no way of charging them.

Additional features and accessories

Some of the most common and useful additional features for your Beats headphones include the microphone and the RemoteTalk cable, which lets you answer calls on the go. Certain models like the PowerBeats 3 even include a multi-function central button with which voice control is used to access Siri or Google.

The different accessories included in your purchase are also important and affect the value for money of the product. Additional ear pads or clips are common, while some products are delivered with a case to facilitate transportation of your headphones. Beats stickers are also frequently included as a free marketing move.

Model Type Connectivity Battery autonomy Noise cancellation technology (ANC) Fast charge
Beats EP Supra-aural Minijack N/A No No battery so no charging required
Beats Solo 3 Wireless Supra-aural Bluetooth and minijack 40 hours No 5 min – 3 h
Beats Studio 3 Wireless Circumaural Bluetooth 40 hours without ANC, 22 hours with ANC Yes 10 min – 3 h
Powerbeats 3 Wireless In-ear Bluetooth 12 hours No 5 min – 1 h
Beats Pro Circumaural Minijack with adapter N/A No No battery so no charging required
urBeats and urBeats Lightning In-ear Minijack or Lightning N/A No No battery so no charging required
Beats X In-ear Bluetooth 8 hours No 5 min – 2 h


You must know by now that you’re not simply getting headphones to listen to your favourite music when you opt for Beats products. You’re also buying top design and an attractive brand image. Either way, your priority should always be to choose the right model to match your expectations in every possible way.

This is why we strongly encourage you to consider the different shopping criteria in our last section. While you’re familiar with some of these aspects, others are very specific to this type of product – such as connectivity or sound quality. Considering the wide variety of Beats headphones available on the Australian market, these factors will be particularly helpful to you.

We really hope our guide was useful in you making the right decision; if that’s the case, we’d love for you to share our article on social media. And don’t forget to leave us a comment in the section below!

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